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Mike Tyson (54), one of the greatest boxers of all time has claimed that he will defeat Conor McGregor in a potential fight. Mike has already announced his return to boxing and is all set to face Roy Jones Jr on September 12 in an eight round exhibition fight.


Tyson has last fought in 2005 and now he has claimed that he can beat the MMA superstar Conor McGregor but in a potential boxing match.

Mike recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show along with Jimmy Fallon and talked about his boxing return.

Tyson claims he can beat McGregor

While chatting about other boxing stuff, Jimmy Fallon asked Mike Tyson about a match with Conor McGregor. “Yeah, that dude’s nuts“, Mike said with awe but soon after he added, “Yeah, but I’m gonna kick his ass anyway!”

When Fallon said that McGregor doesn’t play by the rules, Tyson replied, ” We are gonna play with boxing rules.”

Mike has earlier praised the Irishman for transitioning to boxing and facing the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2017. Although McGregor lost his debut match, Tyson praised him for his efforts.

Fans would love to watch a fight between the two legends. However, the fight between the two seems highly unlike because of the weight difference between the two. Besides, McGregor has retired from the combat sports.

McGregor has taken UFC by storm by becoming the first man to win two titles simultaneously in the UFC. Then, he has taken on another legend Floyd Mayweather in a super fight that gave the Irishman a multi-million dollar payday.

It would be interesting to watch now how things shape up between the two. Will McGregor reply to this claim or not?

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