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The beautiful film actress Jennifer Aniston He left the paradisiacal beaches of Mexico in the background during one of his visits after the recording of one of his films, leaving his millions of admirers speechless.


Jennifer Aniston dazzled several months ago on the beaches of Mexico, wearing her spectacular figure in a two-piece swimsuit.

During the month of June of last year, a few days after the premiere of “Murder Mystery”, the film she stars in with Adam Sandler for Netflix, Jennifer Aniston decided to take a few days off on the Mexican beaches.


This is how the Golden Globe winning actress traveled to the city of Cabo San Lucas, in the state of Baja California Sur, where she was captured by some paparazzi while enjoying the sun, the sand and of course the sea.

Recognized for her role as Rachel Green from Friends, she was captured wearing a white two-piece swimsuit that served as a frame for her spectacular figure.

The camera lenses captured her just at the moment she turned around, revealing her toned torso that wore a white bikini and pink shorts.


It should be mentioned that it is not a novelty that Jennifer is seen in bik1ni, since since she became a television star, she posed with little clothes for some magazines, such as Rolling Stone.

click here to see the photograph of Jennifer Aniston in a bathing suit.

The photographs were leaked, and few details were released about their walk, however, it turned out that it was a trip to celebrate the birthday of actress Courteney Cox, also the star of the Friends series.

It was like this Jennifer Aniston he relaxed after several days of promoting “Murder Mystery”, the film that broke records and became the best premiere at the time on the streaming platform Netflix.

On the other hand, the formula for the eternal youth of the 51-year-old actress is no longer a mystery kept under lock and key and she herself told in an interview that she is not a sympathizer of plastic surgeries and also revealed instead what is the first thing she drinks in the morning and helps her stay radiant.

People think that I have had a lot of injections, but that is not the case. I’m not saying I didn’t try, but I quickly felt like it was a slippery slope, ”Aniston told a well-known magazine.


Now, at 51 years old, she confessed that she is not in favor of cosmetic surgeries and revealed another of her secrets beauty: drink a glass of apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach, practice yoga, non-invasive treatments and other types of therapies.

One thing I am doing lately is mixing hot water with apple cider vinegar. It becomes a digestive mixture and is a good way to cleanse the body ”.


This is how the model also pointed out that it usually takes 20 minutes after ingesting this mixture a smoothie that she prepares with kale, spinach, papaya, avocado, blueberries and a homemade almond milk base (other times she prepares coconut water with a coconut fresh, adding superfood supplements like acai or matcha tea).


In addition to resting, Jennifer Aniston ass ures that she has another beauty secret: to use sunscreen constantly and without exceptions, since she recognizes that she was a true tanning addict as well as so many women of her generation, in the past she did whatever it took to get a brunette.

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