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It also isn’t something that Asuka can’t overcome.




The reason Vince McMahon isn’t pushing Asuka right now is simply that her English isn’t as good as the chairman would like it to be.

There is very often a fear among NXT fans that when their beloved Superstars are eventually called up to Raw and SmackDown Live that their stock will drop.

That the writers on the main roster will not know how to utilize them as well as those in charge of their fates in NXT. In all fairness, it is a legitimate fear to have.


Take Asuka, for example. The Empress Of Tomorrow spent two years in NXT. During that time, not only did she become NXT Women’s Champion but she didn’t lose a single match.

In fairness to WWE, that undefeated streak continued all the way up until WrestleMania 34. Asuka went one on one with Charlotte Flair and it was there, on the grandest stage of them all, that she suffered her first ever loss in WWE.

Since then, things have not gone so well. Asuka still hasn’t held a Women’s Championship on either Raw or SmackDown Live and has had nothing significant to do since Wrestle Mania.

She even lost to Carmella after getting spooked by James Ellsworth simply because he was dressed in her clothes. The Japanese star has been appearing alongside Naomi recently, but apparently, Vince McMahon is not a fan.

According to Dave Scherer of PWInsider, it’s Asuka’s inability to speak good English that is holding her back in WWE. “If she spoke good English I think she would be getting more.

[Vince McMahon] wants you to be able to cut promos,” Scherer said on PWInsider Elite. The writer believes that there is a lot for her in WWE, but until she can speak better English she is doomed to remain in the mid-card or off TV altogether.

If all of the above is indeed true, then it wouldn’t be the first example of this we have ever heard. It also isn’t something that Asuka can’t overcome.

Rumors have been circulating recently that Mr. McMahon basically ignored Becky Lynch for two years because of her Irish accent. The Lass Kicker has overcome that obstacle and is now one of the boss’s favorite Superstars.

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