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Dove Cameron promptly ripped off her bikini top and flashed the mountains in the distance.- See photos




Dove Cameron has been on a road trip with her boyfriend all week and she’s been basically living in this bright green neon bikini, we even saw her hanging out in a gas station bathroom in the bikini top and matching neon pants.

Well she has finally made it to her destination where she promptly ripped off her bikini top and flashed the mountains in the distance.

The singer also found a little water to swim around in but put on a different bikini to do so. Theres the swimming bikini and the loungewear bikini, you can’t wear the same for both!

The Disney Channel star just called out the people who thought they could police her body after she uploaded a “sexy” bikini video on Instagram.

Disney Channel legend and Descendants star Dove Cameron had to shut down a horde of people on Instagram earlier this week after they started complaining about one of her recent posts – a short blurry video of her in a bikini. Yes, the year is 2019 and some people are still shook to the core over a young woman in a bikini.


A few days ago, Dove, 23, shared the video on Instagram to her 23.5 million followers. The video was literally just her posing on a bed wearing a bikini captioned the clip “i love the female body”.

Dove Cameron slams “cruel messages” following her recent hospitalisation

While tons of fans were praising her confidence and responding with some empowering comments, others starting policing Dove and began telling her to stop posting such ~scandalous~ and ~provocative~ images on social media, implying that her actions are sending a bad example to young children.

In the comment section below the video, one person wrote: “There is a time and place for vids like this. Sent privately to your lover? More power to you, sister.


On Instagram on a bed, stroking your hair? As a role model for young women- Not cool. Rethink your decisions.”

Dove even responded to one of the criticisms that said “getting drunk and posting pics of you half naked doesn’t make you a great role model to the kids watching Disney.” (She was not drunk… she was literally just on holiday.)

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