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Asuka Revealed The Reason Behind Her Mask .




With just over 24 hours to go until the event, Asuka still doesn’t have a partner to compete in her scheduled match against Nia Jax and Raw

WWE has not yet spoken, despite the fact that the Raw Champion has already had the offer from Peyton Royce.

The Raw Champion recently appeared on a WWE Network special called Break it Down, where he talked about some milestones in his WWE career: her NXT debut, her unbeaten streak, her victory in the first Women’s Royal Rumble in 2018, and when she starred in TLC in December of that same year.

One of the points that attracted the most attention during this short of almost twenty minutes, was the explanation he gave regarding the reason why he wears a mask every time he enters the ring.

The Raw Champion mentioned that she is part of it and that it would not be seen on a stage where I can do without this mask.

“I put on a noh mask just before my entrance. It flips my switch and makes me feel like, “Let’s do this!” So without her it feels strange without a mask as Asuka wouldn’t be Asuka. Asuka is the mask and you can’t separate Asuka from the mask. »

Being rude or technical, the mask has undoubtedly been one of the characteristics that have distinguished Asuka in WWE. The same could be said for his entry theme song, which has remained intact since his time on NXT.

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