The Mystery Behind Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Unwilling Breast Reduction: Who felt offended enough to shrink her babies?

Sugar Land makes an appearance in The Client List, a Lifetime television series. And while the Houston suburb’s iconic Imperial Sugar Mill, stately City Hall and the First Colony Mall each have a brief turn in the spotlight, truth be told, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt’s cleavage is the star of the TV show.

It is, after all, a reprise of the 2010 Lifetime film by the same name, which was based upon the prostitution scandal at Healing Touch massage parlor that rocked the West Texas town of Odessa in 2004.

Love Hewitt plays Riley, a Texas mom who works at a “massage parlor” called The Rub to pay the bills. Her curves — not her credentials — earned her the job.

Those ample breasts spilled over a black negligee in early advertisements for the show, but have since been significantly reduced: Though Hollywood Reporter ran the original ad, the version in Entertainment Weekly — and on the side bar of the episode viewer — looks significantly more modest, and at least a few cup sizes smaller.

“I just heard about this yesterday. Somebody sent me a copy of the photograph and I was like, ummm . . . What happened? I’m not quite sure what’s going on,” Love Hewitt told KROQ’s Kevin & Bean.

“But apparently somebody wanted me to have a boob reduction.”

How rude — masking her favorite feature.

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